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Signo de tierra Earth sign. My birthday is in June, so I'm a Gemini. What sign are you? Always primed for battle, Aries escalates the situation until smoke is coming out of both their ears.


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Aries likes the chase and will be partly intrigued by the clandestine Scorpio. But consider that Aries is not known for nuance, and Scorpio's essence is to sense the unsaid, interior motives, the backstory. Aries brings Scorpio into the moment, but the latter will not follow the Ram over a love cliff. Aries and Scorpio both have formidable wills to pursue their desires. And both like to have the upper hand in love, in different ways.

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  • The power moves of Scorpio are stealthy, as they suss out the right timing, and protect themselves from too much self-revelation. Aries fashions themselves the innocent in love , with pure motives, and they could see Scorpio's maneuvers as some kind of manipulation.

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    If Scorpio senses the weak spot in Aries, that fool-for-love naivete, and takes advantage in some way, they'll live to regret it. If Aries drops Scorpio, as their attentions turn elsewhere, they'll rue the day. In a fight, these are formidable players and someone could get hurt. Aries is notorious for acting up, and at times being mean as a snake, and then forgetting all about it. They move on without carrying a lot of emotional baggage. Scorpio, on the other hand, keeps close score and will vow to get even, in some subversive way. Here, Aries is the innocent, and Scorpio the stealthy one.

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    These two are like characters in a romantic thriller, where the pair rarely ends up living happily ever after. It could even seem like a fight to the death.

    They could be brutal exes, with Aries crushing Scorpio by moving on in a flash. Something may keep them hooked in, even if the relationship goes south.