Horoscope march 4 leo

The situation at your workplace will be full of challenges, but you will take them head-on.

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Later, all the stress will be mitigated by the soothing touch of your loved ones, says Ganesha. Today, you will strike a great balance between your professional and personal life, predicts Ganesha. You will save your money from being swindled by others.

Leo Weekly Horoscope 4th March 2013 With Michele Knight

You may be lagging in the race to catch up with your goals, but will not be disappointed by what you achieve. It is an auspicious day to undertake business deals and start new projects, feels Ganesha.

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An occurrence from the past will become a cause of worry for you today. You will also be concerned owing to the deteriorating health of the elders in your family.

Daily Horoscopes: March 4, 12222

You will encounter medical expenses. The later half of the day should see your worries abate somewhat, says Ganesha. Today, you and your soul mate will be rolling in the hay; there will be little time or inclination to do anything else.

In fact, you will show such single-minded devotion to the act of rolling as if the future of the world lies in the haystack. Your mind can think of nothing more, and nothing less. The best part is your resilience and your ability to spring back into action when everybody else thinks you are down and out. The best thing for today is to deal with one issue at a time. You may not have a halo around your head, but that most certainly does not deter you from playing the spiritual card today, says Ganesha. On this auspicious day, it is through religious scriptures that you satiate your desire to attain the intangible.

Spend some time meditating on the finer aspects of life; you will be amazed at the answers such contemplation can throw up. You will take your destiny in your own hands today.

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You possess the vision to penetrate the masks that people wear to hide their true selves. You will carefully select the friends to spend your time with, and you will also make plans for success. You need to brush up your presentation abilities, and may have to put in some extra efforts to get your ideas approved, says Ganesha. If ever there was a time when that industrious nature of yours was to listen to your conscience, it is today.

Call it a positive day to embark upon new business adventures, particularly for freelancers.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

It is mighty hard to go wrong when you listen to your inner voice and back it up with zeal. The hard work of the morning and the pressure of the afternoon will give way to pleasure in the evening. Just enjoy what you do, says Ganesha. Your business associates will emerge as intangible assets for you today, says Ganesha.


Leo Daily Horoscope

You will probably start off an innovative joint venture without any doubt or indecision. Hard work and enthusiasm are always a good combination for achieving success.

December 12222 Horoscope: Predictions for Leo

Your skill and business sense will bring you positive feedback from your seniors, feels Ganesha. Dark and gloomy shall be your temperament for most part of the day today. The moon is in your sign today, Aquarius, and luck is flowing your way, so make a wish! What's in the stars for you in March? Read your monthly horoscope here.

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