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For some astrologers these are literal concepts and for others they are psychological, but for all they represent the experiences we inherit and the struggles we confront across the duration of many lives. Bernie Ashman has discovered a technique for creating a past life chart that shows life as a continual evolution. This Past Lives report software interprets this chart and provides insight into the talents and obstacles we face as a result of the patterns we continue to work through in each successive reality.

The houses are counted in a clockwise direction, counting from 12th house which is the Past Lives Ascendant. The 11th house now is the 2nd in the past lives chart. What was the 10th becomes the 3rd, the 9th is now the 4th, the 8th becomes the 5th, the 7th is now the 6th, the 6th is now the 7th, the 5th is now the 8th, the 4th is now the 9th, the 3rd is now the 10th, the 2nd is now the 11th, and what was the Ascendant or 1st house is now the 12th.

The houses are being counted in a backward or retrograde direction in the past lives chart. The Nodes of the Moon always move in retrograde. Note that when a planet moves retrograde it is moving with the natural flow or rhythm of this past lives chart. The conventional chart houses are counted counter-clockwise; a planet in retrograde and Nodes of Moon moves against the grain of the traditional chart. But, retrograde planets are very much at home in the past lives chart and love to be interpreted from their past life house and even sign positions.

What about the Nodes of the Moon? Most astrologers treat the North Node as related to the current life, and the South Node as containing our past life memories. The South Node is usually considered a karmic point in the chart that we are trying to better understand or transform into positive expression.

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This past life chart and its interpretation considers both Nodes as past life. The North Node is easier to access or to make conscious, but it is no less connected to past life tendencies than its counterpart the South Node. This is a dynamic polarity that must be balanced in any lifetime. The South Node represents some of our more irrational or difficult to tap energies.

Though when it is clearly expressed or when we make peace with this dimension of our psyche or soul , wonderful things can be enjoyed in terms of our self-expression and inner contentment. The past lives chart report interprets each of the Nodes by sign and in the past lives house. These are a significant clue as to why we incarnated, and clearly show how best to stay on the right path. At its core a past life chart reveals the language of our soul.

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Each individual soul has a unique signature. The traditional ascendant represents our persona in this life. The past lives ascendant is the way our soul expressed itself in previous incarnations. It is a collective power gained over many lifetimes. The same could be said for each chart factor whether it is planets in their signs and house, planet aspects, or Nodes of the Moon. The past lives chart reveals the collective energy accumulated over many lifetimes.

It is now possible to see the gathering of these tendencies over lifetimes. Viewing the present natal chart through a past life chart perspective is an enormously powerful tool. It becomes clear that each of us is a dynamic point of light and energy that is honed and refined lifetime after lifetime.

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